Maximising your income

There are a few fundamentals that help to ensure we reduce the amount of time your property sits vacant. It is not rocket science


Its important to have high quality advertising, to keep vacancy rates low. 9 out of 10 tenants use to search for rentals. As a minimum, all of our listings are placed into the top 20% of displayed listings to ensure you are not competing with thousands of properties.

Ease of Access

Many tenants know the specifications they want. They also know how tiring the rental process can be. Ease of access to view properties can mean the difference between a tenant’s desires to lease a property. Our process is called the “Drop & Run” - Prompt reply to enquiries and having a property manager who is willing to drop everything to show prospective tenants through your property. This is absolutely vital in maximizing your income.


When your property is vacant, we talk to you weekly to discuss the progress of finding you a quality tenant. We will make recommendations based on the current market and we do this with your best interest in mind.