80 Day Guarantee

Keir Constructions Guarantee to build your new home in 80 working days or less without compromising on quality.

Our Guaranteed building time will save you both time and money!

By decreasing the time it takes to build your new home you can benefit from reducing the number of repayments on your construction loan as well as saving on rent while your home is being built "Potentially saving thousands of dollars before you even move in".

Brad Keir - Managing Director

Keir constructions 80 working day guarantee is limited to Lowset Masonry block homes up to 300m2 in size on a level site. The building period starts from commencement of work on site as determined by the terms and conditions set out in the HIA QC1 Plain Language, New Home Construction Contract. Keir Constructions reserve the right to exclude some projects from the guarantee at our sole discretion.